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Other Principle Level Meter

Submersible Level Meter
This product uses a high-performance pressure sensor as a measuring element. Accurately measure the hydrostatic pressure that is proportional to the depth of the liquid level through a pressure sensor, It is converted into standard signal (current, voltage, digital) output by a dedicated signal conditioning circuit. Establish a linear corresponding relationship between the output signal and the liquid depth (height) to achieve accurate measurement of the liquid depth. This product is widely used in liquid level measurement and control in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, urban water supply, and water conservancy and hydrological surveying.

 The sensing part is fully sealed, and the protection grade is up to IP68.
 Small size, suitable for liquid level measurement in tiny containers.
 Diversified structure and multiple choices of output signal to meet various application environments, strong generality.

Float Level Meter

Magnetic float-level switch principle is the float which link to rod equipped with a constant magnetic field, because of the liquid level rise or fall, make the float internal generated magnetic field , thus triggered the reed switch which inner the rod working. Widely used in liquid level measurement, liquid level alarm and level security control field.


 Many imported MKA plastic-encapsulated reed switches are reliable and durable.
 Permanent magnetic coupling, strong anti-interference ability.
 Exquisite structure, Easy installation method?need not maintain.
 304, 316L, anti-corrosion coating (PP/ETFE/PTFE) optional, adapt to different measuring media.