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ShenZhen ULEVEL Meter Technique Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "company") is a professional engaged in industrial automation instrument, has a group of senior high-tech talents in the field of long-term commitment to automation. The company advocates "quality attracts customers, service wins trust" as the founding purpose; With strict management system to regulate themselves, and to accumulate experience in the development process, at the same time, we also with the domestic well-known institutions of higher learning long-term and stable cooperation, to develop a competitive advantage of high-tech product, enhance the soft power of the company. The company is committed to providing users with a range of professional and best automation solutions from r&d design, product selection, installation and commissioning, and technical training.


The company's main production and sales products cover the following categories:


Radar object: mainly consists of domestic radar and imported core module assembly radar two large series of products.

Among them, domestic radar has 26GHZ high frequency pulse radar object position meter and guided wave radar object position meter; The imported module assembly radar objects have a 5.8ghz low-frequency pulse radar, a 25GHz high frequency pulse radar, and a 24GHz FM continuous wave high frequency radar.

Ultrasonic liquid level meter: the product is divided into one-piece general type, one-piece smart type, one-in-one micro-sized, split type intelligent type 3 series.

Object position switch: it mainly covers the types of vibrating rod type, tuning fork type and radio frequency admittance type 3.

Magnetic float type: it is divided into float ball liquid level meter, magnetic flip chart liquid level meter 2 kinds of products.


Products are widely used in power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, biological medicine and other industries. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "technology is benefit, quality is life", and advocates the spirit of "innovation, seeking truth, integrity and win-win".


Corporate vision: to share the best automation instrument with the world, make the measurement and control safer, and make life easier!

The enterprise culture

Founding purpose: quality attracts customers, service wins trust.

Business philosophy: technology is efficiency, quality is life.

Enterprise spirit: innovation, reality, integrity, win-win.

Corporate pledge: no best, only better!