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Ultrasonic Level meter are widely used in Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering are constructed to control and adjust surface water and groundwater in nature. IT Also known as water engineering.Water is an indispensable precious resource for human production and life, but its natural existence does not fully meet the needs of human beings.Only by Construction of Hydraulic Engineering .we can control water flow, prevent floods and disasters, and adjust and distribute water quantity to meet the needs of people's life Hydraulic Engineering need to build different types of hydraulic structures such as dams, dikes, spillways, sluices, inlets, channels, water crossings, rafts and fishways to achieve the goals.
Ultrasonic Level meter plays an important role in water conservancy industry, especially the monitoring of sluice flow in Hydraulic Engineering is more extensive. The installation space of the measurement is relatively small, which puts forward higher requirements on the size of the ultrasonic level transmitter. At the same time, the measurement accuracy of the product is also required to be very high, and the accuracy of the liquid level measurement determines the accuracy of the flow measurement.
We recommend an ultrasonic Level meter that is very suitable for this Conditions.     
The product is cost-effective that has high measurement accuracy, small size, small Dead zone. The measurement accuracy is 1mm, the minimum Dead zone is 6cm, and the beam angle is 3°. It Can be directly used in pipes with an inner diameter of 30mm and has reliable performance.UVUS-T ultrasonic Level meter have been widely used in liquid level measurement of the Hydraulic Engineering.